The digital transformation company

The digital transformation is first of all about people

The technology is a tool for:

  • Presenting you as a top professional in your field
  • Being found by the clients, communicating with the clients
  • Automating some of the business processes
  • Improving the user experience of your clients
We love to make the impossible becoming possible bringing more oportunities and expanding the options.
Our mission is to amaze our Customers by our high qualified services and the new possibilities that we open for them.
The technology is a mean to make better business. We are focused on the people.
Our values
  • creativity
  • cooperation
  • excelency
People in the center
Satisfied people are successful people.
We bring together the constructive energies and generate through creative process new ideas, so that the result is much more than only an addition.
It is our speciality to make the creativity flourish.
An important focus is that the processes that we generate are sustainable.
As our everyday live and not as a target.
We believe that the main requirement for success and sustainable development is a mutual benefit for all involved parties .

What we do

Web Design
Web Design:
  • Responsive
  • Professional
  • Making a difference

Business processes automation
The technology should be for you a
  • hard-working,
  • enthusiastic,
  • intelligent and
  • effective

Improving the customer’s experience
For the customers, your business is:
  • fast reacting
  • personalized
  • caring
  • sensitive to the needs

  • Transform imagination into technology
  • Expand your possibilities
  • Create new capabilities

Web Design

Web design - the most visible part of our work

If you use for your website a template that many other people also use, you will transmit to your clients exactly: that you are like many others and that you are not differentiated.
We use professional design for our projects, each page is unique, and each project has something special.

The website should

  • communicate about you, show that you are special
  • be an efficient employee of your company that does a lot of work alone
80% of company owners / CEO's believe that their companies generate a high level of customer satisfaction, but only 43% of customers reported a positive experience with the same company. (Source: Oracle 2013)

What does such a website bring to me?

  • Marketing oriented Website.
  • Optimized for search engines (SEO)
  • Optimized for mobile visitors
  • Focus on your core competency
  • Generate many thousands of unique contacts
  • Proven success, successful marketing tools
  • Easy to maintain and keep up to date
  • Marketing tools for customer acquisition (more sales)
  • Programs to automate (save time)
  • All in one (Website, Marketing Tools, Administration)


Qlerqs GmbH

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