About Us
Cubsus provides a range of services that help to develop business activities on an expanded market, our professionals have expertise and understanding of the working of the international market.
Our core activities are based on expertise in IT services and our specialization is the creation of company presence in internet and the development of new brands with an expansion on the global scale.
We provide the synergy that brings the most innovative and sustainable development for our Customers. Due to high demand of developing projects on the internet, we use diverse methods and tools, that align with the strategy and consider the dynamic business perspectives of our Customers and Customer`s Demand. 
With a focus on cross-cultural differences, and the experience and knowledge of working in an international environment, we are confident you will receive valuable advice to create an essential plan of development for your clients. We are dedicated to our clients’ success.
Web business start-ups are at an all-time peak and this provides an unparalleled opportunity for partnerships and alliances. With Cubsus we help make the right choice and make IT easy to understand, from personalized business profiles that optimize web processes to controlling operating costs.
Our team of only the best certified engineers, internationally awarded experts with a broad range of developing products and services worldwide in IT, Marketing and Sales. We save time for our clients and introduce them to the world of modern technology, helping them to achieve their goals and have sustainable development for the future.
Cubsus is following the principles of global diversification and international synergy, with confidence and expertise, to build the perspective of sustainable development for the society.
We are committed to meet the expectation of our Customers. Our mission is to deliver, to our Customers, high qualified services and to continue improving and optimizing their processes.
We are committed to build a sustainable chain of the business processes for our Customer`s needs and for the Society.
Our values
The world is becoming more diverse and complex; therefore we are focused on building up our values as a code of conduct.
People in the center
We care about people as the people are mainly involved in the business processes; we make the business work by being aware of corporate culture, motivation and mobility that we are building for the workplace. Satisfied people are successful people.
We bring together the constructive energies and generate through creative process new ideas, which are much more than only an addition of those, but a multiplication, or even a progression.
We go extra miles to meet the expectation of our Customers; the co-creation allows us to add value to the marketing and business strategy of our Customers, through interaction and correlation of expertise and diversity that we are sharing.
The concept of Sustainability is an essential requirement that we follow for the business development and consultancy that we are providing.
The driving force of all our activities; we achieve this through the perspective of changing management processes. We are generating a new perspective by sharing the expertise of professionals in the required fields.
We believe that the main requirement for success and the sustainable development in the global world is to interact with our Customers and to follow the core principle to find the mutual benefit for all parties involved.
What we do

  • Personalized software programming for your needs
  • Ready-made software for your business
  • PHP, Linux programming
  • Web based application
  • Front end programming
  • JavaScript, HTML, CSS, MySQL

Web Development
  • Responsive design
  • Integrated CRM system with Loyalty program formation
  • Integrated solutions for online marketing to increase the sales and for the success of your internet presence.

CRM, Email Marketing Software
Integrated solutions for online marketing to increase the sales and for the success of your internet presence.

Invoicing, eCommerce
Automatic billing integrated with CRM and online shops.
80% of company owners / CEO's believe that their companies generate a high level of customer satisfaction, but only 43% of customers reported a positive experience with the same company. (Source: Oracle 2013)

A cloud solution software, that can be integrated with a website created with the intention of producing a business that runs automatically.
We offer implementation of a very complex system. With fully integrated and optimized CMS / CRM system, we help your business to not only present their innovative and professional brand, but also enjoy a significant increase in efficiency and sales. The system is suitable for all types of clients from the very small to fortune 500 size. The system offers solutions, which help to reduce the cost, optimize business processes and control all operations single handedly. This includes Content Management System, Customer Relationship Management System, E-mail Marketing System, Automatic invoicing, Affiliate Program System, Online Shop, Statistic, Reservation system.
Our company will optimize your website and offers innovative services in the field of web design, web services and marketing.


  • Marketing oriented Website.
  • Optimized for search engines (SEO)
  • Optimized for mobile visitors
  • Focus on your core competency
  • Generate manythousands of unique contacts
  • Proven success, successful marketing tools
  • Easy to maintain and keep up to date
  • Marketing tools for customer acquisition (more sales)
  • Programs to automate (save time)
  • All in one (Website, Marketing Tools, Administration)
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Cubsus GmbH

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