About Us
CubSus Consulting provides a range of outsourcing services that help to develop business activities on an expanded market, our professionals have expertise and understanding of working on international market.
Our core competence is based on cross-cultural communication, experience and knowledge of working in an international environment. We provide the synergy that brings the most innovative and sustainable development for achieving the benefit for our Customers. For that, we are using diverse methods and tools, that align with the strategy and consider the dynamic business perspectives of our Customers and Customer`s Demand.
Businesses are developing more and more on the web giving an extremely big variety for the new opportunities for partnerships and alliances, which need great resources and experienced people to close the deals in the new markets. At the same time, most of the companies are concentrated on their core competences – at that point CubSuS Consulting is taking over this part for them.

CubSus Consulting is following the principles of global diversification and international synergy, with confidence and expertise, to build the perspective of sustainable development for the society.
We are committed to meet the expectation of our Customers. Our mission is to deliver to our Customers high qualified services and to continue improving and optimizing their processes.
We are committed to build a sustainable chain of the business processes for our Customer`s needs and for the Society.
Our values
The world is becoming more diverse and complex; therefore we are focused on building up our values as a code of conduct.
People in the center
We care about people as the people are mainly involved in the business processes; we make the business work by being aware of corporate culture, motivation and mobility that we are building for the workplace. Satisfied people are successful people.
We bring together the constructive energies and generate through creative process new ideas, which are much more than only an addition of those, but a multiplication, or even a progression.
We go extra miles to meet the expectation of our Customers; the co-creation allows us to add value to the marketing and business strategy of our Customers, through interaction and correlation of expertise and diversity that we are sharing.
The concept of Sustainability is an essential requirement that we follow for the business development and consultancy that we are providing. .
This is the driver of all our activities; we achieve this through the perspective of change management process. We are generating a new perspective for developing the business processes by sharing the expertise of professionals in the required field.
We believe that the main requirement for success and the sustainable development in the global world is to interact with our Customers and to follow the core basement to find the mutual benefit for all parties involved.
What we do

Business Solution
We guide you to achieve the target and get success, to identify opportunities, to connect with right persons, to build a strategy and vision by involving our international professional team.

Business Navigation
A lot of companies are interested to establish and sale their products on a global scale. Unknown culture and local regulations are blocking the full potential.
To be successful is not a miracle, it is the knowledge of getting the choice for the right strategy and the correct distribution of financial and human resources.

Strategic Planning
Engage your business activities with the full potential, using the methodology of optimization and reducing the cost for the core activities.
We help you to identify the business strategy, to optimize the costs and to use the resources efficiently.

Marketing Provision
  • Market Research
  • Market Analysis

Cubsus GmbH

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